Neo Secure was launched as we identified the need to increase security measures on card transaction. Through thorough research, it was then established that the secure feature we offered was required worldwide.

Neo Secure Card is an effective payment solution comprising secure transacting with all ‘checks and balances” in place.

We have achieved this and are proud to offer one of the most secure card solutions in the market place today. Our cards are protected by a world first activation technology system.

Our technology allows the card holder to turn the Neo Secure Card ON and OFF for each transaction. This added security eliminates the risk of your funds being utilized by an unauthorized party.

The Card solution was implemented with all our linked services in an unprecedented 3 months.

The Neo Secure Card Solution package has the following innovative features:

  • A pre-paid debit card
  • Cardholders have complete control over their card, which cannot be used without the linked mobile
  • The mobile phones offer an integrated tracking service
  • A text notification for each attempted transaction

Our services and offerings extend beyond the Card, Mobile and tracking, and include:

  • Mobile Money
  • Loyalty and Reward programs
  • Paypass